How to grow tomatoes in grow tent

How to grow tomatoes in grow tent

How to grow tomatoes in grow tent

Growing tomatoes in the indoor grow tents offers garden fresh and unique taste tomatoes all year round. One of the most important things is the management of the right growing conditions and the application of proper nutrition and irrigation. So, in this article, the basic guidelines and instructions about growing tomatoes in the grow tent are discussed.

Selection of Variety

For indoor growing indeterminate variety is recommended as fruit production is in the vining fashion and more tomatoes can be produced throughout the season.

Selection of Location

Tomato plants can best germinate under warm and humid conditions. Tomatoes can be grown in an indoor grow tent, but the required level of light must be provided for their growth and survival. If the lighting conditions are not properly managed the plants may survive but they will not be capable of good quality tomato production.

Even if space is not enough for gardening, fresh tomatoes can be obtained by growing them in the grow tent. There is no hard and fast rule about using open and large space for this purpose and grow tent can be easily installed anywhere in the house.

We are providing high-quality Gorilla grow tents, that can be used for growing tomatoes. The growing conditions in the tent such as lighting, aeration, humidity, nutrition, and other management factors can be greatly controlled. Resultantly, growers can enjoy fresh tomatoes throughout the year.

Provision of Light

Tomatoes cannot tolerate cold temperatures, and 8 hours of light should be provided daily. The Use of LED grow lights for tomato production in the grow tent is extremely beneficial. Management of temperature between 71-79 degrees Fahrenheit will yield excellent conditions for tomato production.

Good quality LED lights offer to control the illumination period. At the initial stages for the germination of plants, seedlings should be exposed to light for at least 12 hours. After 3-5 weeks this exposure to light should be extended to 14-16 for the coming 2-3 weeks. At the later stages the illumination period can be reduced to 10 hours only.

Our Grow Lights Collection is providing excellent quality grow lights in the K series, X series, and Gorilla DE Pro series at affordable prices. The tomato production can e greatly controlled in the grow tent by using these LED lighting systems.

Seed Sowing and Seedling Transplantation

Tomato seeds can be sown in the starter trays containing a good mix of soil. The seed should be sown at an appropriate depth and optimum distance should be maintained between the individual seeds. The seeding depth should be at least 3-4 mm and should be placed 6 cm apart from each other.

After seed sowing, the starter tray should be properly covered by using foil or any plastic wrap, for the conservation of moisture and heat. Over irrigation should be avoided at the sowing stage. Germination will be observed after 5-10 days of sowing, and the healthy and vigorous individual seedlings can be transplanted to the pots. This transplantation should be done at 1-2 leaf stages.

However, before plantation, the soil should be pulverized enough to support an efficient rooting system. If the plants are to be grown in the hydroponics, then also all conditions should be properly adjusted, and enough space should be provided for the establishment of better roots. Check our Hydroponics Collection for excellent quality bubble flow buckets, super cloner system, superponic system, for growing tomatoes in hydroponic culture in the grow tent.

Manage Nutrients Application

Provide a recommended dose of macronutrients and micronutrients once in every 2 weeks. The nutrients application is very essential for healthy produce as these nutrients have a direct role in the cellular functioning and metabolic activities of the plants.


For indoor growing of tomatoes, pollination is extremely important, but it is tricky. As soon as the flowers are developed and an opening in their structure is observed they must be pollinated daily in the humid and warm conditions.

To ensure the ideal conditions, the humidity should be 60-70%. These conditions are naturally occurring at the early noon conditions, so this is the best time to perform this task. Whereas, pollination at the earlier and late timings of the day will not be efficient.

Provide Support

Tomato plants need some support for healthy growth otherwise they may stack on the bottom layer of grow tent. For providing support trellis, cages, and even stakes can be used. All these materials are providing good support, but it should be properly managed as providing support in the indoor grow tent is a tricky task.


The chances of disease happening, and other insect pest attacks can be greatly reduced by the early and frequent pruning. It causes a significant improvement in the growth and health of tomato plants. Either the plants are to be grown in the hydroponic system or soil medium, pruning should never be ignored.

Pruning can be done when the stems and leaves start getting yellow. Essentially the new suckers should be removed at this point, otherwise, they may negatively affect the growth and production of tomatoes. The removal of suckers should be gentle and should be carefully removed. Simply it can be accomplished by bending the suckers in back and forth direction.

Soon after the plant has reached the maturity stage, the yellow and drying leaves should be removed. If they are not removed, they will be using a major part of plant sugar and the whole plant may wilt and die.


Tomato fruit is ready to harvest after 60-80 days of germination and can be harvested after the maximum color and size development. By the proper management of all the above-mentioned conditions, better quality and yield of tomatoes can be produced in the indoor grow tents.

We are providing good services, about the delivery of efficient LED lights, hydroponic systems, and grow tents, so that our customers can enjoy great taste and quality. Our professionally competent and highly dedicated team is all times ready to help customers for the selection of best products according to their needs, requirements, and availability of the budget.

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