How to Build a DIY Grow Tent for Indoor Growing

How to Build a DIY Grow Tent for Indoor Growing

How to Build a DIY Grow Tent for Indoor Growing

Grow tent is significantly helpful for creating the optimal and portable environment for indoor plants and seedlings. By using the indoor growing tent, air circulation, heat, light and all growing conditions can be greatly controlled for the best growth of indoor plants.

In this article, important measures and tips will be discussed for building DIY grow tent for indoor growing plants. We are intended to provide comprehensive information about how to build your own grow tent and by following these instructions, you can make your own DIY grow tent to enjoy the perfect growth of plants.

Necessary Material for Building DIY Grow Tent

It is necessary to make a list of all the required material for making DIY grow tent so that it can be quickly built without any trouble. The important things for this purpose are, desired size adjustable rack for holding plants and lights, strong wide, and good quality tape, air extraction system, extension lead, fire extinguishers, white and black poly, cable ties, or Velcro for management of wiring in grow tent. Management of the grow tent hardware system can lead to the excellent growth of indoor plants.

Find Suitable Space

Any space inside the home can be used for building the grow tent, but this site should have access to the power supply and water source. The use of fans and pumps will create some noise, so space should be away from the living room.

The direct building of grow tent on the carpeted floor should be avoided, as they hold bacteria, harbor bugs and moisture contents, which may create problems for the growing of plants.

Assemble the Rack

Growers can always adjust the number of shelves in the growing rack according to the number and size of the plants. The spacing in the rack should be adjusted to provide at least 5 feet growing space for the plants, otherwise, there may be air circulation and heart problems, that will negatively affect the growth of plants.

Create a Tight Environment

There should not be any natural light source, such as windows or holes in the grow tent, as it may cause the light and heat energy to escape from the grow tent. It is an important step to keep the light out of the growing tent set up and will minimize the interference of light with the lighting cycle.

Build an Air Exchange System

The climate in the indoor grows tent can be easily controlled by using the air exchange system. Plants are constantly consuming CO2 and releasing O2. Also, the lights in the indoor conditions will be continually producing heat, so this moist, hot and CO2 depleted air should be continuously replaced with the fresh air.

The selection of the air extraction system should be based on the space being utilized for building grow tent, time of the year when indoor plants are to be grown, and the lighting system.

Modify LED Lights

Arrange the recommended lights according to the nature of plants, and accommodate them on the shelves, so that light can directly fall on the plants. Adjust the wiring to the lights, by using Velcro or cable wires, so that they start working, once the plug is in. By the modification of the lighting system, an efficient and cheap indoor grow setup can be managed.

All the plants need specific light wavelengths for their optimal growth and development, and by knowing that how much UV light does a weed plant need, the problem of weed growth in the grow tent can be minimized by adjustment of UV light.

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Positioning of Poly

Grow tent fabric should be of good quality, as any wear and tear in the fabric can lead to the potential problem for plant growth and development. Drape the black and white poly all over the rack, the small pieces of this poly can be easily managed. But for the adjustment of bigger sheets, you may need to take help from someone.

Align the edges of poly with the front and top post and tape it properly. Also, properly cover and tape the bottom like the top. Tightly wrap the poly, around both sides and back of the rack. Cut the excess material, and tightly cover everything with the tape. For enhancing the looks of grow tent, the wrapping can also be done in the Christmas present style.

Make a Door

The door can also be made by using the poly sheets. It should not be too large or small. Make a nice fitting of the door with the rack, so that it can be easily closed and managed. Tape the back and top side of the door but leave the front side of the door. For making the smell proof weed tent, management of door and other conditions is a foremost important factor.

Sealing of Door

Once the door is closed, after all, management practices, it should be properly sealed to avoid any kind of interference from the outer environment. The use of magnets is best serving the purpose, and they are available in the market at a cheaper price. Sealing of door allows the elimination of notorious weeds and smell, as there is no disturbance from the external environment.

Turning on the Lights

Once the setup is ready to start growing indoor plants in the grow tent, monitor all the growing conditions, especially the working of lights, and functioning of the air exchange system. If there are too many heats inside, then some small vents can be made at the top, so that some heat can escape from grow tent.

How to water plants in grow tent

An automatic system can be installed for watering the plants in the indoor grow tent. This system is efficient enough to supply water according to the need of the plants and there are no concerns of excessive humidity or dehydration.

A hydroponic system can also be used for growing plants in the indoor grow tent. Plants are grown in the solution in a container. All the nutrients are mixed in deionized water and the pH of the solution is maintained. Hydroponic growing is in soilless media and is the best alternative for growing indoor plants.

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Keep an Eye on the System

It is very easy to make a DIY grow tent, but its management is a continuous task. Keeping an eye is an essential thing for grow tent home set up, as the safety of home is a topmost factor. Check, all installations, wiring, and connection from time to time, and make sure that grow tent cannot be accessed by animals and children. The extensions and cables should never be coiled, otherwise, they may get hot and burn. Consider the installation of fire extinguishers, as it can minimize the danger associated with the fire outbreak.

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