Growing Cucumber in Grow Tents

Growing Cucumber in Grow Tents

Growing Cucumber in Grow Tents: An Excellent Way to Enjoy Nutrient-Rich and Delicious Food All Year Round

Cucumbers are widely consumed throughout the globe, as they are delicious and rich in the nutrients. Growing cucumbers in the indoor grow tents allows you to enjoy yummy, and crunchy taste, all the year-round. Although cucumber is a vine, and it requires more space to grow, but plant breeders and scientists have developed cucumber varieties that are suitable for indoor growing and can grow in the limited space but will give excellent production, and taste.

As in the indoor growing conditions, and especially in the grow tents, there is no involvement of outer contamination, and outer disturbances, so some people are concerned about pollination, but breeders have also bred some varieties for home growing that can produce fruit without pollination. However, if these varieties are not available, then growers can also transfer pollen from male plants to female plants by using a paintbrush, by gentle touch.

The selection of hybrid seeds is a necessity that produce dwarf plants, and produces fruit without pollination is a necessity, otherwise, all efforts may go useless as other varieties are not capable to fruit production in the enclosed indoor grow tents. Even if the dwarf cucumber varieties are grown, still a lot of room is required to allow their vegetative, and reproductive growth. Our grow tents are available in the different dimensions and can be efficiently used to grow cucumbers, in the home growing conditions.

Depending on the desire, and available conditions, cucumbers can be grown both in hydroponics and soil conditions, but healthy germination and selection of vigorous seedlings is essential for further growth, otherwise there may be some problems.

Selection of Container

Cucumbers need more space to grow, and the selection of the right container is an important task. Not only containers, but the selection of the right indoor grow tent is also essential. The container should be a minimum of 12 inches deep, and 8 inches wide to ensure good growth and development of plants.

Cucumbers need excellent quality soil, while, all kinds of soil are not good to sustain and promote plant growth, so, growers can make good potting mix by using compost, perlite, peat moss, and potting soil. Such kind of mixture ensure good root penetration, so plants can grow good.

If seedlings are to be transplanted in the pots, then pot should be filled up to three quarters with the potting medium, and the rest of the soil can be added after placing cucumber seedlings in the pot. Plant should be thoroughly water, and soil should be allowed to settle.

If a grower is interested to directly grow cucumber plants from seeds, then containers or pots should be filled to the full capacity, followed by the placement of 5-6 seeds in the center of each pot. These seeds should be properly covered with a layer of soil of about ½ inches thickness. Pots should be regularly watered to ensure healthy, and vigorous germination.

Temperature Management

Cucumbers grow best at the temperature range between 70-750 F, and they can tolerate warm conditions also. Nighttime system should be maintained between 65-750 F. As there is no involvement of the external environment in the indoor grow tent, so proper management of temperature regulation is essential, and our grow tents are perfectly designed to allow excellent control over day and nighttime temperature conditions. However, growing plants should always be kept moist to avoid the problem of blossom end rotting. Moreover, direct placement of plants near the cooling, and heating vents should be avoided.

Lighting Requirements

Cucumber plants should be exposed to 12-16 hours of light to ensure excellent growth, and the grow lights in grow tents should be turned on at the natural day time hours and can be turned off when it is dark in the outside environment. However, about 4-8 inches should be maintained between plant foliage and grow lights, as direct contact may cause burning.

Nutrient Application

Cucumber plants growing in the indoor home growing conditions can be fertilized by using water-soluble fertilizers. For this purpose, a required amount of essential fertilizers can be mixed in the water, and this water can be used for irrigating the plants. Here it is essential to ensure good drainage if the cucumber is grown in the non-hydroponic medium. If the cucumber is grown in the hydroponic medium, then the nutrient solution can be mixed with the solution in the container, but here maintenance of pH after every application of nutrition is essential.

Clean the Surface of Indoor Growing Cucumbers

The foliage of cucumbers should be washed every 3-4 weeks to remove the grime and dust. Although the problem of diseases and pest attacks is greatly minimized but still insect attack is probable, as grow tents are opened many times for the management measures. So, leaves should be regularly checked for the presence of scale, spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids. If the foliage is infested, it should be treated with horticultural oil, or insecticides sprays so that harmful pests can be eradicated.


Cucumber fruit can be harvested, after it has reached maturity stages, and a green and thick skin has developed. It is necessary to note, that all growers may not be interested to harvest all cucumbers at the same time, so fruit should be harvested with great care.  Cucumber can be grasped on the one hand, and stem in the other hand. After this cucumber should be pulled away by simple twisting, so that no damage is caused to the plant and other fruit.

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