20 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies, You Can Enjoy a fast Harvest

20 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies, You Can enjoy a fast Harvest icon

20 Of The Fastest Growing Veggies, You Can Enjoy a fast Harvest

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Do you want to grow a vegetable garden? But it seems, will take much longer? Well, the fantastic thing is, won't it? But you can't imagine which vegetables produce more quickly. There are some great fast-growing veggies that you can use to fill the space and get a bonus crop from it. Listed below are five fast-growing vegetables, as well as picking my tops for your garden to quickly feed the excitement of your own home.


1- Radish


Sowing to harvest: 25 days 

One of the fastest-growing vegetables is radish, which takes only three to four weeks to turn into a radish crop. These are exceptionally easy to develop.


 2- Arugula


Sowing to harvest: 20-40 days

This light paprika herbal and greens salad is a fast-growing vegetable. It is ideal for picking small and small leaves as the taste is not as spicy.


3- Beets


Sowing to harvest: 40-70 days

You can eat both leaves as a salad or as a vegetable. You can also eat the root as beetroot.


4- Endive


Sowing period: 35-50 days

Raw unripe with crispy, shiny bites and fresh light bitterness usually sets her apart in salads. However, individual leaves can also be cooked.


5- Kale


Sowing period: 30-65 days

Often seen as curly is known as Kale, it is full of nutrients. It comes from the Brassica family and is an exotic vegetable. It has a deep green color and curly leaves. Baby leaves are used in salads; large ones are well steamed.


6- Kohlrabi


Sowing period: 40-50 days

When it is raw, the kohlrabi looks like a slightly curled and lightly spiced mulberry mixed with turnips. You can toss these in a salad, make a sludge from grade kohlrabi, or cook and mash like potatoes.



7- Lettuce leaves


Sowing period: 40-60 days

There are three common types of lettuce: red, green, and oak. A “head” can be seen on them due to the branching of leaves from a stalk. Then pick it nicely once and turn it into a crop again.


8- Match / Corn Salad

Corn Salad

Sowing period: 45-50 days

It has a characteristic almond flavor, has a green color and soft texture on the skin and is served as popular as salad greens.


9- mesclun greens

mesclun greens

Sowing period: 30-45 days

Mesclone is a combination of small salad salads that originated in Provence, France. This traditional blend includes chervil, arugula, lettuce leaves, and undertones.


10- Mibuna


Sowing period: 21-40 days

Mibuna is a long-spreading variety of Japanese green, reaching a height of up to 30 cm in maturity. It can be distinguished from the pupae Mizuna mustard by its smooth, rounded, and spear-shaped leaves, which bear a resemblance to spinach.


11- Mizuna


Sowing period: 35-45 days

It is a leafy green vegetable native to East Asia. It is also referred to as Japanese mustard, spider mustard, or Konya. Part of the Brassica genus, Mizuna, is related to other cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, cal, and Brussels sprouts. Commonly used in salads, it can be added to steam straws or steam fries.


12- Mustard


Sowing period: 21-45 days

Related to kale, cabbage, and collard greens, they are often used in mustard, pepper, and a variety of Asian cuisines.


13- Onion spinach

Onion spinach

Sowing period: 40-50 days

Spring onions grow from the green seeds of onions but are eaten before onion bulb formation. It can be cut thin and used in salads, dips, Asian dishes, and much more.


14- Pak Choi

Pak Choi

Sowing period: 40-55 days

A thin green Chinese cabbage that is ideal for stir-frying or can be steamed until soft on a vegetable side dish. This vegetable grows very fast, and it is delicious to eat.


15- Peas


Sowing period: 50-60 days

When you see cold months, sow seeds after pre-wetting to increase germination in those months. Since snow peas do not need to be filled like dried peas, some of these varieties mature the fastest.


16- Spinach


Sowing period: 30-55 days

These can be used as cuts in salads like fast-growing greens and again left to be used for cooking baby leaves or other foods.


17- Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard 

Sowing period: 30-60 days

 As we know, Silverbeet is a large leafy, quickly grown vegetable that can be used in the same way as spinach. It tastes a bit strong but paired well with butter and garlic.


18- Carrots


Crop sowing: 50 days

Carrots are not the most significant vegetable but choose a variety of fast-growing finger-sized types, and you can expect sweet, wrinkled roots in just six



19- Tatsoi


Crop sowing: 21-45 days

Another Asian green tatsoi is a small, low-growing plant that produces a rose with spoon-shaped leaves. It has a slightly pale lemon-green stem that is juicy and tender, which is comparable to the celery heart.


20- Turnips


Grain sowing: 35-50 days

Turnips are sweet and delicious to eat raw when young. Once a little bigger, you can cook both the top and the roots.